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UPDATE WATER CUSTOMER ALERT - AT2 Tank Project Startup & Testing Thursday Feb 4th

On Thursday, Feb. 4th as we indicated in our earlier customer alert, we preformed testing on the new AT2 Tank Project for system operations and proper operating parameters.  We successfully ran the new pump system briefly, however one of the system’s new valves was found not to operate properly.

After a lengthy troubleshooting procedure and multiple calls to the manufacturer, it was determined that the problem could not be resolved on site.  We will have to remove the valve and send it back to the manufacturer for evaluation.  We will attempt another start-up after the valve is repaired or replaced.

 Once the value issue is resolved we will again provide notice of when we will be doing testing of the system.


 Big Thanks to everyone for your support and cooperation. Water use was way down for the day allowing us to proceed without incident.






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Association questions can be directed to the volunteer board at board@hhwater.org.

Questions about Association dues may be sent to board@hhwater.org.

Water Company Contact Information

If there is a WATER EMERGENCY, please call 360-333-0107 or 360 630-0970.

Questions about Water bills may be sent to Water & Wastewater Services (wwsvc@wwsvc.com or call 360 466-4443 Ext, 207 or 208).

If you have any questions about the water system business, please send to info@hhwater.org or board@hhwater.org.


 Results of May 2, 2020 Special Meeting

The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Construction Loan addition of $196,178 for the Tank AT-2 Project was approved: 180 votes for and 8 votes against for a total of 96% voting in favor.



Summer Fire Danger

Holiday Hideaway Property Owners:

As we approach summer, the Board wanted to take an opportunity to remind everyone that our summers here on the island have been getting hotter and drier. As of May 10, 2019, there have already been 170 wildfires in Washington State, with 90 of those west of the Cascades.

Officials around the state are warning of an unprecedented wildfire season this summer.

As an island community, with limited resources, a limited water supply, and an all-volunteer fire department, we would like to ensure everyone is being as vigilant as possible during this heightened risk. We are posting additional information for resources at the bottom of this letter, on how you can both help to prepare your property, but also some common sense tips on things you can do to your property to minimize the possible spread of fires if they were to occur. 

At our Annual Meeting in April, we had Jenny Coe from the Skagit Conservation District present on some of these material, but since we know that not everyone is able to attend these meetings, we wanted to send this letter to raise the visibility of this important issue. One point we wanted to call out in particular in the “Community Wildfire Hazard Risk Assessment - Guemes Island” as prepared by the Skagit Conservation District and FireWise (linked below) - most of Holiday Hideaway is considered to be at either High or Extreme Fire Hazard; we have included this graphic on the back of this letter. 

Please take this into consideration as you make your summer plans. The Fire Department will post about impending or existing burn bans and the fire danger level on the island on all major roads; please respect these notices. The Board also reminds all owners that fireworks are not allowed in any part of Holiday Hideaway, and there are no fires or overnight camping allowed on any of our community beaches. Please remember that if a fire is caused due to negligence or inappropriate use of fireworks, you could be held personally liable for damages caused by that fire. 

Community Wildfire Hazard Risk Assessment - Guemes Island as reported by the Skagit Conservation District

Western Washington Forest Health Information

Washington State Department of Natural Resources - Firewise Information


The majority of the high and extreme wildfire risk on the island is located on the southeastern end. This end is extremely steep with slope percentages above 82%, very heavy fuel loads, well-drained soils with rock outcroppings, a deep duff layer, and homes intermixed. There are pockets similar to this on other areas of the island mostly around the shoreline, but the southeast end is the most concentrated. 

The Holiday Hideaway Water Company

AT-2 Project Progress Update

This is the construction of a new holding tank and passive treatment of the water to both increase the amount of water that can be pumped, as well as help reduce both iron and manganese from the water. 


Water Company Contact Information

If there is a WATER EMERGENCY, please call 360-333-0107 or 360 630-0970.

Questions about Water bills may be sent to wwsvc@wwsvc.com or call 360 466-4443 Ext, 207 or 208.

If you have any questions about the water system business, please send to info@hhwater.org or board@hhwater.org.

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