HHA Community Property - Locations & Descriptions

There are three community beaches that all Holiday Hideaway members have the rights to access:

  • Cook's Cove is at the southeast end of Channel View Drive
    • The Holiday Hideaway Community Boat Launch is located at Cook's Cove
    • There is also a beach that runs east from the boat launch
    • There is a walking trail that allows for access from Holiday that runs next to the driveway of 7623 Holiday Blvd, on the southeast side
    • Day parking is allowed in the grassy area on the east side of Channel View prior to entering the gate
  • The William Rainwater trail to Long Bay can be found at the intersection of Holiday Blvd and Evergreen Lane
    • There is parking in the grassy area to the north of Evergreen Lane at the trail head for 2-3 cars
    • The trail is moderate to steep - caution is advised
  • Deadman Bay access is located on Channel View Drive, just west of Upland drive
    • There is a gravel parking area for 2 cars between 7008 & 6992 Channel View with a trail running south, leading to the beach

A few rules to keep in mind on Community Property:

  • No fires or fireworks are permitted on any Community Property
  • No hunting is permitted within the boundaries of Holiday Hideaway
  • No overnight camping or parking of vehicles is allowed on Community Property
  • You are responsible for the clean-up and removal of all trash on Community Property, (if it wasn't there when you arrived, it should not be there when you leave)

The full list of by-laws governing use of common property can be found here