HHA Board Meeting Minutes 20091213

Sunday, December 13.  Present were board members :Gerry Francis,  Laura Saunders, Sharon Schlittenhard, Mike Jackets, Anne Casperson.  Absent – Kit Harma, Dave McKibben.   Guests --- Mark Spahr, Bob Anderson.

Meeting called to order at 11:25 by President, Sharon Schlittenhard.


Water company update from Mark Spahr – all recent water samples have been satisfactory.  Four months this year have had standards violated;  one was acute – -e-coli, three non-acute were coliform but not e-coli.  Acute violation was caused by ants getting into casing  after having travelled through a mouse nest. Two of the three non-acute violations were probably related to the plumbing modifications to accommodate well #5 and the follow on from those modification. The third non-acute violation occurred in a vacant house in Cypress Way, where there may have been a home treatment unit.  Since then all samples have been satisfactory.    Mark has purchased five sampling stations and will install them  so that sampling won't require being close to houses.

The comprehensive plan diagram will show all the locations for the sampling stations --- one near the chickenfoot, one on Cypress near the hydrant, one on Cypress near the hydrant, one on Holiday Blvd fairly close to pump house, and one near the point.

Talked about putting some chlorine into tanks on a routine basis just to keep a residual background level, particularly during the summer.  Mark will investigate the proper levels to use and bring back to the Board for discussion.

Mark reported on progress in equipping Well 5.   Almost ready to submit paper work to state.  Originally had hoped to get 18 gallons per minute, but testing reveals that  only can get about 12 gallons total flow and still stay above sea level restriction.  Wells 4 and 5 will be at the same capacity.  This has implications for the number of shares that can be sold within our existing water right from the state.  Mark will be reviewing and bringing to the Board a recommendation on pricing of additional shares, given the expense that has been incurred to bring Well 5 on line.

Mark is still working on the comprehensive plan, and  Gerry will upload the draft plan so that we can review it.  We will meet early in January to discuss.

Banking --- US Bank is recommended  choice.  The Board discussed and moved to approve changing the bank for the water company.  The motion to approve the change to US Bank was moved, seconded and passed unanimously.  The Board also approved the signers on the bank account to be Sharon Schlittenhard, HHA president, Anne Casperson, Gerry Francis, Darcy Daniells and Mark Spahr.

Mark discussed issues with one ready to serve  consumer who is approaching two years in arrears.  After discussion it was agreed to approach the trustees for the estate in question and see about payment before filing a lien.  If that is not satisfactory a lawyer will be retained to file the lien.

Mark reported on potential problems in the cold weather, and that the next edition of the newsletter will remind customers of the need to turn off the water at the meter.

Status of  addendum mailing --- Mike Jackets reported on the status of the response to the mailing, and the satisfaction of the quorum requirement.  Some votes are still coming in, but the quorum requirement has been exceeded. The addendum needs further discussion, in terms of proceeding and this will be scheduled for an early January meeting..

Discussion of a request to cut trees on the commons property.  The commons committee has reviewed the request, and the newly adopted (February 2009) Skagit County Critical Area Ordinance, and the report from the consultant that was hired to review our policy with respect to the common areas.   Bob Anderson joined the board for this discussion and reviewed the CAO for the board.  Their initial reaction is that a majority of the commons area in question (near Long's Bay) is  within the critical area as defined by the county.  The Board discussed how to proceed and agreed that a letter to the requesters would be drafted pointing out the requirements of the CAO which are extensive. Majority of commons area falls within CAO, would have to meet all requirements of CAO and then the Board could decide if it wanted to agree.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30.

Laura Saunders

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