HHA Board Meeting 20090814

Present:  Ann, Sharon, Mike Jackets, Kit, Gerry, Mark, Laura.  Absent Dave McKibben.

Sharon called the meeting to order at 3:35.

    Well 5, progress
    leak adjustment policy,
    Process for CCR change

1.    Mark reported on Well 5, pump installed on last thursday (August 12).  Reviewed the process in equipping well.  Water samples for part of the quality requirements were submitted on Friday; Still pending DOH approval and paper work.  Permanent 18 gal / minute pump has been ordered.  Mark is writing up proposed structure for state approval. Will have many of same features and programming as Wells 3 and 4.  Modem and programming to alert manager and others to excess usage on a daily basis. Well test tentatively set for early September – Mark will let us know after the meter is here.  Mark described the proposed submittal and the various exhibits required.  The 2000 hydrogelogical study showed the ten year capture zone which the board reviewed.  Reason for equipping well 5 is to increase reliability, and reduce the amount of pumping on each of the existing wells.

2.    We reviewed the progress on the comprehensive plan and set a deadline for a rough draft to the board by Christmas.

3.    Leak policy in view of the two recent excessive water uses.     One large water usage resulted from a problem with the irrigation system.  Mark determined  that there was no leak, and checked the meter.  The customer has been billed for the entire  amount.The Board discussed this matter, and also talked about potential changes to the leak  adjustment policy.

    The Board discussed the second large leak and a letter from the customer requesting forgiveness of the charge.   Reason for leak is because of substandard material and construction as well as  failure to turn off the water at the meter when leaving the island. The board determined that the  leak adjustment policy doesn't apply. He will be sent the bill for the full amount. Sharon will   write him saying that he owes the full amount and must  set up a payment schedule that may not     exceed three years.  There will be no late fees if payment continues on schedule.

    The board will publicize that property owners will be considered negligent if they do not shut  off the water when they leave their property for any extended period of time.

4.    Change to CCR's:  A mailing will be prepared that willsend out the lawyer's  letter and a cover letter from the board with the proposed 12th amendment.  Postcards will be enclosed with cover letter and letter of explanation.  Plan on having ballots postmarked by October 15th. .

Notes submitted by Laura Saunders HHA secretary

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