Holiday Hideaway Association Board Minutes 20090619

Meeting called to order at 2:00 at Gerry Francis's house.

Present – Mark Spahr, Sharon Schlittenhard, Anne Casperson, Mike Jackets, Gerry Francis, Kit Harma, Laura Saunders.

Mark distributed proposed agenda of water company issues for board discussion.

1.    Budget and rate increase –  A proposal to increase rates for metered customers by $3 for the basic rate and  $1 for the capital surcharge was discussed.  Ready to serve customers would increase $1 for capital surcharge, and $1.50 for base rate total so that total RTS rate would $22.50.   Rate increase won't take effect until September 1st.  
The discussion of the proposed rate increase led to a discussion of the long term finances of the system.  The state loan will be paid off in 2017, and with this proposed increase the revenue and expenditure projections can be met and there may not be any reason to increase rates again in the near term.  While the rate increases for base and capital surcharge the  water usage rates (charge for consumption) won't change.
The rate increase was moved, seconded and passed unanimously.
2.    Mark then discussed the progress he is making on the long range water plan and the assumptions behind the potential number of connections.
3.    Mark has reviewed the original study and is studying current needs and the requirements of the state department of health.  Assumptions that will affect the maximum number of connections include the policy level for the water level in the tank, how much to assume in terms of maximum usage during the summer season, and the Fourth weekend.
4.    Mark also indicated that the financial plan shows that we can do initial phases of capital improvement program can be done with existing funds.  Once the Department of Health approves the long range plan we can finance the remainder of the capital plan and bring well 5 on line.   Limiting factor is pumping rate from combined 5 wells.  
5.    In addition if any new shares are to be authorized and sold Well 5 has to be approved and equipped, 40,000 gallons of passive storage needs to be added and sulfur in Wells 1 and 2 abated
6.    A detailed discussion of the number of metered connections, ready to serve shares, full time and seasonal residences, and the safety and policy factors required.  Mark will consider all these items and bring forward a final recommendation about any additional shares.
7.    Mark has tracked average consumption and will refine his calculations.
8.    The board also discussed how to create the additional storage needed.  Further investigation is needed but at present Mark is considering a new tank  at site of Wells 3-4.
9.    The Board reviewed rough estimates of the costs of 1) equipping well 5 ---$ 10-25,000  (pump, well probe, extended well test, hydrogeologist, monitoring other wells, controllers).   Well 5 can be used (without treatment) with this expense.  2) – treatment tanks for 3-4-5 - $120,000 – 150,000 to get to treat for the mineral sediments.3)  treatments for sulfar for Wells 1 & 2 --- $40,000 plus boosters.  The board discussed these three projects and the current revenue, and authorized planning to begin on bringing Well 5 on line, as well as planning for treating wells 1 & 2 for sulfer.
10.    The board considered other elements of the long range plan including potentially charging to be on the water share list.
11.    The board approved proceeding with  equipping well 5.

12.    Newsletter to be distributed before July 1st.  Mike J will actually draft  newsletter.

13.    Reviewed the new water system hatches that Mark has obtained.

14.     Mark distributed the history of chloride tests.  Standard is 250 , we're around 25  parts per thousand.

15.    Data logging now occurs at midnight.  Still having problems with getting macros to function properly.  Gerry is working on this.  Think we've cured problem of more than one log on at midnight, asking new macro should be written so that status can be updated on hourly basis, as well as provide backup.  Getting a modem would also permit an automated alert if all the pumps are running and the well level  continues to fall.

16.    Water quality sampling – Cec has been taking samples to Burlington every month for last 4 years. Mike J and Anne can take them to Burlington.  Mike and Gerry are training to take bacteria/coliform samples.  Anne also volunteered to help.   Board needs to take over more of the functions.  Mark will let Gerry know about training opportunities.

17.    Change to CC&R's – the lawyer's letter and amendment were discussed along with the procedures to be used for ratification.  Mail ballot to all property owners with a stamped return envelope included.

18.    Mike to order up porta potty so that it is available for July 4th.

Meeting adjourned 4:00.

Laura Saunders

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