HHA Board Meeting Minutes 20090411

The Board of directors was called to order at 10:10 by President Sharon Schlittenhard at Gerry Francis's house. Present were Sharon Schlittenhard, Gerry Francis, Anne Casperson,Mike Jackets, Kit Harma and Laura Saunders.  David Mckibben was absent.

The board discussed the agenda for the annual meeting, to be held on April 18.  The draft agenda is to include
    Minutes – Laura
    Treasurer's Report – Mike

    Old Business
        Water Company Report -Mike and Gerry.  Mark Spahr's report will be read, as he is  unable to attend.  Mike and Gerry will discuss the need over time to increase     rates since they have not been increased in the last four years, and the long term       plan will need to build a sufficient reserve to meet the obligations of the 2017              storage tank.

        Commons Report – Sharon.  There is nothing to discuss here since the Critical Areas Ordinance has not been studied yet by the Board.

        Beautification – Sharon.  Will stress need to clean up after use of beach for fireworks, although fireworks are illegal on the island.  Also report that the dingies are  mostly marked and need to be removed at the end of the season.

    New Business
        Potluck – need volunteers.  Set date for August 8, and need volunteers by May 1st.

        CCR amendment – will present draft amendment and discuss rationale and process for adopting.  Will use a mail ballot.  Need to have discussion at meeting to see if feasible to go forward at this time.  Not necessary to have lawyer present at       annual meeting, but might need to have an information or community wide                 meeting to discuss later.

        Election of new board members – Laura will send out list of current members and terms.
            Three three year positions open – now occupied by Dave McKibben, Gerry                 Francis (filling out Hal Forsey's term), and Mike Jackets.  One one year position open – now held by Kit Harma who is filling out Fred Wintermantel's position.  All incumbents are willing to run again.
        There will be a short board meeting immediately after the annual meeting to elect officers for the 2009-2010 term.

Anne reported on the South Shore Road committee's deliberations about alternative routes. 

Meeting was adjourned at 11:45.


Laura Saunders, Secretary

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