Holiday Hideaway Board meeting 20090523

Present:  Gerry Francis, Dave mcKibben, Anne Casperson, Sharon Schlittenhard, Mike Jackets, Kit Harma, Laura Saunders

Sharon called the meeting to order at 1:05.

Sharon read the letter to the board acknowledging the HHA donation to Save the Mountain campaign.  A brief note will be added to the water bills, and also in a separate mailing about the picnic to call attention to the campaign to save the mountain and urging participation.

New business: 
1. Revised Addendum proposal.  The Board reviewed a document that analyzed what the articles and bylaws restrict say about defining a member and then by implication the quorum for the vote.  There are  436 potential votes if every lot is worth one vote as stated in Article VI of the Articles of Incorporation.  We have customarily limited voting to paid up membership but there is no provision in either the bylaws or the articles that limits voting to members.  For the purposes of this article we will  have to use the definition of membership equal to the number of lots. The Association has about 225 persons owning one or more lots with a quorum of 145 potential votes (lots).  Going to use stamped self addressed envelopes in mailing with ballot.

The Board moved, seconded and passed on the suggested wording, which will be reviewed with the Association's lawyer.  Approved wording --- “The members of Holiday Hideaway Incorporation may amend these Restrictive Covenants by a two thirds majority vote at an annual meeting or a special meeting or by a mailed ballot where a quorum of members as defined in Article VI of the articles of incorporation participate either directly or through proxies.”

2.  The board discussed the recent e-coli infection in the water system and discussed what we had learned.  We agreed on a need for a better developed back up plan, more people to get training to do testing and taking water samples.  Gerry Francis volunteered to get certified for the testing, and the Board agreed to pay for the cost of doing this. We also agreed that we needed to schedule a meeting with Mark to discuss all these issues, and put together a readily understood backup plan. 
Items for discussion with Mark – five year comprehensive plan, long range plan to 2017, maintenance manual, backup, level of training for backup people.  Sharon will follow up with Mark to suggest a date.

3.    Newsletter and picnic.--- Publicize HHA donation of $500 to Save the Mountain and what to do with the picnic.  Since no one has volunteered to organize the picnic we will do a no host community potluck on August 8, publicized on Linetime, and put a sign at chickenfoot.

4.    Minutes of April 11th Board meeting were approved for posting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15.

Submitted by Laura Saunders, Secretary

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