HHA Annual Meeting Minutes 20080419

Approved at Annual Meeting, April 18, 2009

Annual Meeting, Holiday Hideaway Association
April 19, 2008

President Sharon Schlittenhard called the meeting to order at 2:20 at the Guemes Island Community Center.  Board members Hal Forsey, David McKibben, Fred Wintermantel, Mike Jackets treasurer) and Laura Saunders(secretary) were also present.  Board member Anne Casperson was absent  About 30 members of the hideaway association were present. 

New members and first time annual meeting attendees introduced themselves.

The minutes of the 2007 annual meeting were read and approved.

Mike Jackets gave the treasurers report showing a current balance of $9431.09.  The report was approved after a question about what the insurance payment was for  (Liability on the common areas).

Old business --- all boats at Cook’s Cove are now marked.

Commons Committee Report --- Bob Anderson presented the commons committee report (which is posted on the HHA section of Linetime).  Discussion items included the nature of the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO); the cost of Bob Bailey’s work and where the money is for this (in the budget).  Bob discussed the concerns that led to Mr. Bailey’s work, and the decision to postpone full adoption of the report until the CAO is finalized by Skagit County, perhaps this summer.  Questions were also asked and answered about removing driftwood from the cove (this is ok); providing a garbage can at the Cove (no, because it might encourage dumping and somebody would have to empty it.

Mark Spahr presented the water company report in some detail.  He reported on the successful identification of the ostensible leak in well #3, and showed examples of occluded pipes and valves.  He answered questions about the pace of the piping replacement, and said that at this time spending about $25,000 on replacements every year made financial sense.  That would take care of the worst of the problems in an orderly fashion.  He gave credit to Fred and Sue Wintermantel for their concentrated effort to hunt down leaks in the middle of the night.  During the coming year he will be revising the long-range plan, to see if we can address water quality issues as well as establish just how much leakage remains.  A brief discussion of fire hydrant location occurred, and Mark pointed out that most HHA lots are within 250-300 feet of standpipes for fire protection.

New Business --- Sharon and Laura presented the reasons for retaining a lawyer to review our bylaws and CCRs in view of changes in the laws governing homeowner associations, and the need to get clarity on what the board can and can’t do.  A Q&A presented the rationale – 

   What needs updating --- the Articles of Incorporation, Restrictive Covenants and Bylaws.
    Why?  Law has changed and we need to be clearer about what action we might take.
    How much will this cost?  About $1100 has been set aside in the budget.
    Will this change how the board operates?  Probably not; meant to be clarifying.
    What is the Board’s view?  Needs to be done to preserve the community.
    Will the members have a say?  Yes, there will be extensive community review and opportunity for input and any changes will require a vote of the membership next year.
    Who is doing the work?  Philip Buri of Buri-Funston of Bellingham who has extensive experience with homeowner associations.

Election of board members --- two vacancies as Sharon Schlittenhard and Anne Casperson’s terms have expired.  Both are willing to be nominated again.  There were no nominations from the floor and Sharon and Anne were elected by acclamation (moved by Julie Golding, with numerous seconds).

The summer potluck is August 16, 2-4.  Some concern about a fall off in attendance, and few volunteers.  Board will discuss.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Laura Saunders, Secretary

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