Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting 20081123

Present:  Board Members:  Gerry Francis, Mike jackets, Anne Casperson, Kit Harma, Laura Saunders, Sharon Schlittenhard water company manager Mark Spahr.

The meeting was called to order at 11:15 at the Community Center Library.  The majority of the discussion was devoted to a report from Mark on the water company.

Items covered were
1.    Leak adjustment policy.  Mark had circulated a copy of the policy, which penalizes negligence but provides that prudent ownership; care and prompt action result in an adjustment.  Board approved the water leak policy proposed by Mark.  (Attached to official minutes).
2.    Seawater conversion workshop – Mark reported on attendance at a workshop on seawater conversion or desalinization.  The initial cost is very high --- a 10-gallon/minute reverse osmosis plant would be around $300,000 initial capital cost.  Much more preferable to keep the water level in the wells above the sea level, so that we don’t over pump any one well.  Need some excess height of freshwater above sea level in case of accidental draw downs, and to maintain a safety level.
3.    Well 5 – included in HHA’s Department of Ecology water right.  We cannot drop the level of well 5 below 69.7 feet from the top of the casing.  Mark has measured the heights of all the casings, and we have about six feet above the minimum level.  He believes that wells 3, 4 and 5 should behave similarly.  A three-gallon a minute well pumping takes the well down 1 foot.  The question is should we pump well 5, after equipping it, which would then mean we could put wells 1&2 on complete stand by and we wouldn’t have to put in a sulfur treatment tank.  Mark would argue for putting well 5 on line and increasing storage capacity, as it would give an increased number of connections.  Our water right from DOE includes stipulation of more storage by 2017.  Mike would like to see the tower built sooner rather than later.
4.    Iron and Maganese treatment for wells 3, 4 and 5.  This continues to be the major customer complaint after the sulfur smell from wells one and two. Mark has learned about a device that can be put in the reservoir, which will oxidize iron and manganese, by using ozone.  There is no residual from ozone, and the metals turn into precipitates that can be then cleaned out.  The iron and manganese problems are troublesome and noticeable only with a mile or so of the pump.  Mark is going to investigate this device and see if it is feasible.  We would need to construct a treatment tank near the pumps, and this could be part of the water tower that is needed as part of the agreement with the state.  The comprehensive plan that Mark is developing will include the plans for expansion and storage.
5.    Leakage – Previous priorities for the water company adopted by the board emphasized reducing leaks and only then moving on quality issues.  Snowy Mountain contractor is making excellent progress on replacing the fittings from the 1969 and 1971 water connections and will shortly be underway in replacing the fittings on the “outer loop” (east of Sharon’s and around Holiday Hideaway from there).  With the completion of this replacement work, we could monitor the leakage and turn attention to the quality issues.  The leakage observed previously seemed to be largely a measurement problem because of constricted valves.
6.    The board agreed to review and re-evaluate priorities for the next phases of water company work in the spring.  We are still within the budget that we had planned for the repair work for 2008-09.
7.    Data logging --- now working on getting that back on line.
8.    Non-payment for ready to serve connections.  There are two flagrant non-payers.  The board suggested one more letter from Mark to these individuals, with indication that they will be turned over for collection if they are not brought up to date.
9.    Newsletter articles --- needed.
10.     Water system Plan --- Mark is continuing to work on getting this revised.
11.    Audits –Mark will purse getting an accountant to review the water company books and get an audit/review done prior to the annual meeting.

Meeting adjourned:  12:25
Laura Saunders, secretary.

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