Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20080824

August 24, 2008

Present: Mike Jackets, Kit Harma, Gerry Francis, Anne Casperson, Sharon Schlittenhard, Laura Saunders. David McKibben absent.

Sharon called the meeting to order at 11:15.

She noted that the treasurer’s report had been sent out electronically and asked if there were any questions.

In a unanimous voice vote the Board confirmed its e-mail ballot electing Kit Harma and Gerry Francis to fill board positions on an interim basis until the annual meeting in 2009 when elections will be held. The positions being filled are replacing Fred Wintermantel and Hal Forsey who have both resigned.

LineTime --- Sharon announced that Joseph Miller will be doing an information session on Linetime (September 7) so that we can learn how to update our site. Sharon will investigate where the earlier meeting minutes are stored now with the changes on Linetime.

Agenda for today’s meeting

1) Fourth of July Cook’s Cove garbage and fireworks and use of the boat launch. Dave sent around pictures to the board and wanted discussion of the issue. How can we enforce the no fireworks policy? We will bring it up again at the Annual meeting, and post warnings again. The other issue apparent on the Fourth was that people are leaving garbage. If people are going to use the beach they need to remove the garbage from their picnic as there is no garbage service provided. Mike is going to look at getting the sign redone to include a reminder about removing garbage as well as putting notice in Waterspout. Renewed need for public education campaign. The board discussed including revising the signage so that it can be seen from the water side. There are also issues about the use of the boat launch by non-members and non – sponsored users. Sharon will write one person who has been so identified to remind him that the boat launch is private and that he has been observed using. All members of the hideaway have a stake in working on these issues and need to be empowered to remind offenders.

The Board may develop a one page newsletter that raises some of these issues in addition to reminders at the annual meeting, on linetime and in the water company mailings.

2.E-mail from Fred about our work with Bob Bailey and the Commons Committee. He has offered to continue to be the contact with Bob whose work is waiting on the County’s adoption of a Critical Areas Ordinance. The Board agreed that Fred should continue to be the contact with Bob.At this point there is only one member on the Commons Committee --- Bob Anderson but there are also no issues in front of the Committee. The Board can appoint new members if need arises. Sharon will ask Bob Anderson if there are other issues that should come up and if so will let us know abut needing to appoint new membership.

3. Review of Holiday Hideaway covenant’s and restrictions and letter from our attorney. Philip Buri’s letter raised additional questions, and we agreed that we would need to schedule a meeting with him. Laura will circulate a list of questions we have about his advice and Sharon will use that to set a meeting in October to discuss them.

4. Need to review our status as a non-profit.

5. Water company Issues: Some concern about making improvements in the water system Sharon will ask Mark about completing the plan as well as getting a final budget and year end financial report. We have significant improvements that are needed to be completed by 2017, and the Board would like to have a plan to begin. The CD that was loaned to the water company can be repaid now, or could be used to start work on improvements. Community as a whole endorsed this. Are getting more interest in getting water shares.

Adjourned 12:40
Laura Saunders

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