Water Quality Is Our Most Important Goal 2008

The water quality test results for 2006 have been satisfactory in all respects. Since taking over management of the water system, Mark Spahr and his volunteer team have flushed lines and water tanks, improved circulation of the water in the storage tanks, and generally worked to ensure a good community water system. Mark has over 30 years of experience with water system management, operations, and engineering. In a recent letter the Skagit County Health Department commented that the system is being managed in a thorough and conscientious manner.

During the 3 years of existence the water rates have generated sufficient revenue to satisfy several needs; 1) H2Water's routine monthly operating expenses (such as electricity for pumping, postage, salaries, water quality testing, insurance, etc), 2) annual "debt service" on our state loan, and 3) occasional "issues and problems" that arise (such as replacing a failed well pump, rebuilding a collapsing pumphouse, repairing leaks in the system, sealing leaking reservoirs, replacing a faulty well seal, and repairs to the automatic control system to name a few).

Now as we finish our third year of managing the system, we are undertaking several capital improvements. We are hiring a contractor to start a systematic program to replace our oldest and most failure-prone plumbing fittings. Most of our several hundred water service connections include 35+ year old "galvanized" fittings which are near the end of their useful lives. Rather than waiting for these fittings to leak and fail one by one, we are planning to begin an organized approach to replace a number of these fittings every year ("scheduled, preventive maintenance" instead of "unscheduled, reactive repair"). Replacing all of these fittings will require at least three years of effort, but we feel this is necessary to preserve the investment that we have in our water system and the value that it provides to each or our properties.

In addition we plan to upgrade the upper booster pump station and add the capability of running our pumps during extended power outages.

In summary, the Board of Directors and staff of H2 Water are dedicated to protecting and enhancing water quality.

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