Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20070825

August 25, 2007

Present for the meeting were Mike Jackets, Fred Wintermantel, Sharon Schlittenhard, Hal Forsey, David McKibben, Anne Casperson and Laura Saunders.

Chair Sharon Schlittenhard called the meeting to order at 9 am.

Laura volunteered to be secretary.

Application for membership and/or beach rights of two individuals in Holiday Hideaway II was discussed. Article 6 of the articles of incorporation provide for memberships under conditions set by board. There are already four residents in HHII that are dues paying members of the association and thereby have beach rights. These historic memberships will transfer with any transfers of ownership.

There was discussion of a ‘mitigation fee’ to offset the costs incurred over time to maintain the common areas. This was generally agreed upon, and the assessed valuation of the common areas was divided by the number of properties in the Hideaway as a suggested value for the ‘mitigation’ fee.

Fred had researched the boundaries of HHII which include both sides of Square Harbor, Nootka, one-half of Big Guemes Mountain and all of little Guemes mountain.
There was considerable discussion on setting the mitigation fee --- and Mike Jackets will pursue this with the county assessor.

(Subsequent to the meeting the original intent was clarified with the Terrano family, and it was decided that no mitigation fee could be charged. Beach rights can accrue to residents of HHII who pay the membership fee and join the association).

Further discussion concerned a dispute among residents over obstruction of a driveway, and it was agreed that the board did not want to be involved in disputes among individuals and the County dispute center was recommended to the individuals as a way of settling this dispute.

We reviewed the resources of the HHA, and agreed that we would like to draw up a list of projects that would benefit the Association and begin working on them. We would ask members to suggest projects, and perhaps have more discussion at the annual meeting. Among the projects suggested were 1)cleaning up road to Long Bay 2) work at Cook’s Cove 3) hauling Styrofoam and logs in the pond at Cook’s Cove, 4) replacement of gate at Cooks Cove 5) Clear brush at the entry to Deadman’s Cove.

We all recognized and thanked Mike for hauling junk to the dump and agreed that we would like to schedule a clean up day at the Cove for the second Saturday of October (the 13th) and look to publicize it.

Among the longer term projects that were discussed was the establishment of a picnic area at Long Bay, but work would have to be done to ensure that the critical areas ordinance was abided by. Some of us agreed to take a walk to look at the former gravel pit site and see if this was good project.

The sign at Deadman’s cove was discussed, and the board agreed that we would leave the sign as is, and see if there were any further concerns.

We agreed that we would try to have one in person meeting every three months, conducting the rest of our business by e-mail.

Laura Saunders


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