Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20050731

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting and H2 Water Status Report

Present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Anne Casperson, Darlene Rainwater, Hal Forsey, Treas. Mike Jackets, Secretary, Susan Wintermantel, H2 Water manager, Mark Spahr. Absent: Bob Niles

Treasurer, Mike Jackets reported that we have approximately $6,000 and should consider getting a CD to earn more interest. Other board members suggested various money market funds with similar interest and more flexibility.

Mark Spahr reported that H2 Water has approximately $50,000 right now. $22,000 is earmarked for the fall State Loan payment. $14,000 is actually HHA funds that are being kept available in case of unforeseen expenses.

Audit: Mike Jackets reported that the Audit Committee plans to meet this next Saturday at 4pm. It will be chaired by Laura Saunders, and includes Anne Casperson, Mike Jackets, Sharon Schlittenhard, and Bob Easton (who will have to miss the Saturday meeting). The first order of business is to track the cash flow; who sees it/ who authorizes it. Mark noted that Darcy, our bookkeeper, makes routine payments, such as the electric bill. However, Mark authorizes any unusual expenses. There is no handling of cash.

Status of Water Company: Hal Forsey is going to try a simple fix for the software problems that have kept Mark from getting consistent data for water pumped. The meter on well 4 is also malfunctioning at times. Mark has ordered a replacement meter. Luckily, since well 4 produces 64% of well 3 he has been able to estimate gallons pumped by well 4.

On July 9th there was a leak in the upper Holiday Blvd that blew during repair and caused the loss of significant amounts of water before the repair was completed. The cost of the repair was about $520. Discussion followed about the accuracy of the old house meters, leaks in the joints of the storage tanks and the options for improvements.

Mark reported that the DOH (Dept of Health) has proposed water system leakage standards of 10%. Our “unaccounted water” has been much higher than that recently. Hopefully it will be better now that the previously mentioned leak has been fixed. Mark reported that generally the distribution pipe looks sound and it will probably be the galvanized fittings and service taps that will cause leaks. These will be replaced with bronze parts as problems arise.

Mark distributed a preliminary cost estimate for removal of iron, manganese, and sulfur from our water, which is available for review. The proposed ATEC technology has been around since about 1990, is relatively less expensive, and is highly recommended. After questions and discussion it was moved by Mike Jackets to go ahead and do the ATEC Pilot Test to determine if it would work on our water. The motion was seconded and passed by the board. With results from the test, the board can make more informed decisions about how to proceed.

Mark has been putting a small amount of chlorine into the tanks to prevent bacterial growth. Mike Jackets asked about the way water circulates or stagnates in the storage tanks depending on the season of the year. Mike and Mark agreed that in the future it would be desirable to add a pipe so that the tanks fill from the top instead of the bottom in order to facilitate circulation of the water in the tanks.

Mark went over proposed H2 Water policy manual revisions, all of which were approved by the board. After these revisions the manual will be available to customers upon request.

Mark reported that the next step in the possible water main extension on Saddlebag and Evergreen Ln is for Mike Erickson to have the land surveyed to delineate the right-of-way boundary.

The water main extension near Cooks Cove had a small leak. Hugh Adams and Mike Jackets have determined that it is in the end of the line between Bohall’s driveway and the standpipe. There is now a shut off valve that isolates that dead-end unused section.

The fall issue of the Water Spout will include the usual reminder to turn off water when away for the winter. Other possible articles include a reminder about cleaning up the beach, especially after the July 4th fireworks and getting boats off the beach for the winter. Give articles to Mark for the newsletter.

August 20 HHA Picnic Plans: Sylvia Patterson is heading up the planning with Sharon’s help. It was decided to skip getting a Port-a-Potty this year.

The issues brought up by homeowners seem to be largely architectural issues that go with growth and new development. The Hideaway covenants are vague and the community decided several years ago to limit the board’s authority over architectural issues. The consensus of the board was that we should listen to concerns and encourage homeowners with concerns to come to talk to the board or to bring their plan to the board.

It was decided to run a bacteriological test on the water in the pond at Cook’s Cove to see if it is safe for swimming.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Wintermantel

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