Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20060614


Saturday, June 14, 2006

Members present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Hal Forsey, Darlene Rainwater, Treasurer, Mike Jackets, and Secretary, Susan Wintermantel.

Sharon shared a letter from Charlie Schuck. The board discussed their understanding of instructions given to the Beautification Committee in 2004-2005. Sharon will write a reply letter to Charlie Schuck regarding his charge for arborist consultation in spring of 2005. The letter is attached.

There was discussion about the two new committees. Hal Forsey is the Board liaison to the Commons Area Committee. We are getting requests for improvement to “the Third Beach” access. The Boat and Beach committee met and put up signs which cover the rules on boat storage on the beaches. A point of clarification is that members and their guests may use the common areas. A suggestion was made that members introduce themselves and learn the names of people that we meet on the beaches. Both committees need to talk to the board before they spend money or take any action.

There was some discussion about hiring some help to cut brush and maintain trails around the beach common areas.

The annual picnic will be on August 19. Social hour starts at 2pm followed by barbecue around 3pm. Contact person is Darlene Rainwater. Darlene presented the idea of buying another picnic table for Cook’s Cove. She also suggested having a couple of items to raffle off at the picnic.

Mike Jackets asked the board whether we will be charging $10/parcel or $10/lot in the future. After some discussion it was decided to go back to charging $10/lot because of wording in the articles of incorporation. This will need to be announced in a newsletter since for the last few years we have been using parcels.

Hal Forsey reminded everyone that since we have new board members, we need to review the number of water shares promised to “ready to serve” customers. Historically, Guemes Island Water Company had two classes of water shares, residential and recreational. When HHA acquired the water company in 2004, the board chose to convert to having only residential water shares. Because of the difference in gallons/day, 50 recreational shares translated to approximately 21-22 residential shares. The exact numbers need to be discussed when Mark Spahr is present. The important thing is that H2 Water Co. buys the needed shares to cover what has been promised to customers and stay within our state approved limit of water shares.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Susan Wintermantel

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