Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20040404

Sunday, April 4, 2004

Members present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Zobra Wambleska, Hal Forsey, Ann Casperson, Bob Niles, Treas. Barbara Larson, Sec. Susan Wintermantel

Treasurer's report: The 2004 dues have been coming in. That allowed Barbara to pay the insurance, mailing expenses, the lawyer fees, repay the loans from the two board members and still have a balance of $783.40. The report is attached.

Sharon suggested that we might want to move the P.O. Box to the Anderson General Store.

There was discussion about communication from several water customers. Mark will be back in a few days and the board is leaving operational decisions up to him.

Discussion about the agenda for the April 17 meeting started with Beautification, which is listed under old business. There was some discussion about how building and storage affects the overall community. In the last few years some of the messy spots have gotten cleaned up but there are still some areas of concern. Bob Niles will make the presentation on this topic.

Sharon plans to ask Roz Glasser to make the presentation about Noxious weeds. The 3rd beach access is something that could be worked on. Larry Kirchner has been interested in making that trail usable. Boat storage at Cooks Cove and Long Bay has been considered by a committee and they are making a decal and plan to charge $10.
The New Business Agenda starts with View Enhancement. Charlie Schuck has been heading up a group that has been working on the access trail to Long Bay.

Holiday Hideaway Water Company news will be next: Mark Spahr will make that presentation. It was suggested that it would be preferable to deal with general policies and to handle individual issues at a separate time.

Two Board positions are open: There will be nominations from the floor and then voting.

The picnic will be the 3rd Saturday in August. We'll be asking for volunteers.

The agenda seems to be covered. Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Susan Wintermantel

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