Holiday Hideaway Association Annual Meeting Minutes 20050424

Holiday Hideaway Association Annual Meeting April 24, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 2:15pm in the Guemes Island Community Center. Board members present were: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Anne Casperson, Darlene Rainwater, Hal Forsey, Treasurer, Mike Jackets, and Secretary, Susan Wintermantel. Board member, Robert Niles was absent. There were approximately 55-65 Association members in attendance. New association members were asked to introduce themselves.

Manager of the H2 Water Company, Mark Spahr gave a report, largely on the financial situation for the 13 months of operation as an association owned water system. The general income and usual expenses turned out as projected before the takeover. However, there were between $12,000-13,000 in unexpected expenses to fix problems with the automated control system, software, and to repair the seal on pump #1. Because of this the water company has been unable to set aside the projected funds for future improvements to the distribution system. However, the repairs were necessary and benefit all customers and now the company expects to be able to set aside funds as planned. Mark reminded everyone to conserve water and to let him know about any unusual wet spots that you notice during the dry months. Mark also fielded questions regarding the water system.

The minutes of the 2004 Annual meeting were read and approved. The Treasurer reported a balance of $3,370 after the $800 State Farm insurance premium had been paid.

OLD BUSINESS: Charlie Schuck, from the Beautification Committee reported that he met with a State certified Geologist and Arborist who advised that there is no real problem with soil stabilization if alder are cut in the swale on the way down to Long Bay. The written report will be available at the end of the week to anyone who wishes to see it. Charley asked for volunteers. Betty Crookes asked if she had permission to cut a few trees to restore her view. President Sharon Schlittenhard said if they are on Holiday Hideaway common property and are approved by the board in advance, they could be cut. They need to be identified with ribbon or marked so that the Board can look at the site and approve their removal. The slash needs to be cleaned up and usable firewood can be made available to the community.

Bev Wilcox asked for volunteers to maintain the path down to Cooks Cove. The Harma's volunteered. Mary Kirchner asked about the Third Beach access next to Johnsons. There was discussion about brushing the trail and adding a small sign. The next concern was the ìdead and decayingî boats at Long Bay and Cooks Cove. Anne Casperson reported that last yearís decal plan had been modified: Each boat at the common beach areas needs to be clearly labeled with the name and telephone number. Any unidentified boats will be removed. Storage shed are not allowed and need to be removed. Anyone with an interest or need for storage at the beach can come to the board with an alternate plan. Leta Hayden suggested that the box at Cooks Cove be removed as it attracts garbage and there is not garbage pickup.

NEW BUSINESS: Sharon Schlittenhard and Darlene Rainwater's terms are up. They both are willing to serve another 3-year term. Sharon asked for nominations from the floor. There were none. Anne Jackets moved that nominations be closed and they be accepted by acclamation.

Leta Hayden made a presentation of the community-based plan for improvements to the Ferry Parking Lot. After some discussion Carol Harma moved that the Holiday Hideaway Association endorse a plan created by the Community committee. It was seconded and passed.

Pres. Schlittenhard asked for volunteers to be on an audit committee for the H2 Water Company. The annual picnic is scheduled for the 3rd Saturday in August. Volunteers are needed. There were several community announcements from the floor.

There was a question from the floor about the abandoned small trailer on Hideaway Lane. This generated some discussion about its history. The board will discuss disposal possibilities at their next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Secretary, Susan Wintermantel

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