Holiday Hideaway Association Annual Meeting Minutes 20070421


Saturday, April 21, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 pm in the Guemes Island Community Center. Board members present were Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Hal Forsey, David McKibben, Treasurer, Mike Jackets, and Secretary, Susan Wintermantel. Board members, Robert Niles, and Anne Casperson were absent. Approximately 30 members were in attendance. The minutes of the 2006 Annual meeting were read and approved. The treasurer reported a balance of $8,558.

H2 WATER COMPANY REPORT: Water manager, Mark Spahr, reported that water pumpage has increased so that it was necessary to start using all four wells again. This means the sulfur odor (caused by wells 1 & 2) is back. He reported that about a year ago we looked at an active treatment plant that would have cost approx $50,000/ site with 2 sites. This treatment would mean adding chemicals and doing much more daily testing and maintenance. The board decided that it was a higher priority to start replacing the corroded galvanized fittings. There isn't enough money for both projects. A local contractor has started the fitting replacement project, which will be spread over 5 years, with spending estimated at approx $25,000 each year.

Every month Mark looks at the total water sold and the total water pumped to calculate the leakage. For the last few years the "leakage rate" has been 25-40%. In the last several months that rate has dramatically increased to 75-80%. We have been unable to find visual evidence of leaking water. Perhaps water is flowing into the fractured rock so common in the area. New "by-pass" meters have been recently installed near key valves. They will allow isolation of small areas and aid in location of leaks. Monitoring will begin soon, in the middle of the night. It would help if customers didn't flush or use water in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the water company is in good financial position, with enough of a "rainy day fund" for these new meters and the replacement of old galvanized fittings. Also, Mark stated that overall the system is ok.

Note: The leak was found and repaired in early May. It turned out to be a corroded galvanized fitting that had sprung a leak. For more details check your latest H2 Water Spout newsletter.

Additional information from the questions and answer period: Long term plan to address Iron, Manganese, and Sulfur odor? Some time in the future we need to build more water storage. By building the tanks so that they can aerate, and thus, oxidize, in a controlled environment, we can avoid the chemical additions and high maintenance of an active treatment plant. This is several years down the road.

Water conservation? H2 Water customers are already doing a great job of water conservation! We're using approximately 80-100 gallons/day/household here rather than the average 400-450 gallons/day/household that is common with other water systems.
Would there be an advantage to speeding up the replacement of the galvanized fittings? The first priority is to locate the leak or leaks. The information from monitoring the new bypass meters will indicate our next steps. Chloride tests done last week were still very low, which indicates that we are not over pumping the aquifer at this time. Mark and his team are confident that we will find the leak.

ISLAND ANNOUNCEMENTS: Anne Jackets offered Island Phone Books for sale. There will be a Swedish Pancake Breakfast on May 12 from 9-11am and the Island Garden Tour is scheduled for June 9.

ELECTION OF BOARD MEMBERS: Laura Saunders and Fred Wintermantel were nominated and elected by acclamation to fill positions vacated by Robert Niles and Susan Wintermantel.

OLD BUSINESS: Dinghy and Buoy Report: David McKibben spoke for the committee. Thanks to their work last year there are only one or two boats which do not have the proper ID and will require warning this year. Members are reminded not to leave their vehicles where they block access to the boat ramp. Vehicle parking is north of the gate along Channel Drive. The Association has no authority or liability for buoys. Owners must comply with USCG rules. David's entire report is available on request.
Beach Access Areas: Hal Forsey presented a photographic "walk" around the neighborhood, showing where members can obtain access to the beaches at Cook's Cove, Long Bay, and Dead Man's Bay.

Common Property Committee: Bob Anderson reported on the information obtained by their group. There are various rules and regulations pertaining to property within 200 feet of the shoreline, wetlands, and steep slopes. There are additional regs to protect endangered species. The fines are considerable for non-compliance. If an HHA member or a group of members wishes to do some clearing to improve their view they would need put a plan together and first present it to the Board. They would be responsible for the costs of the steps mandated by regulatory agencies, for the work, and for maintenance. The entire Commons report is available on LineTime or by contacting the Board.
Report on Last Year's Proposed Bylaw Change: Sharon Schlittenhard reviewed last year's proposal. It would have required a 2/3 vote of members to change the Articles of Incorporation. The Board has decided to table the proposal and to go back to assessing dues by lot, charging $5/lot this year.

Summer Picnic: Leta Hayden is willing to coordinate the picnic on August 18 at Cook's Cove. She will need volunteers to help.

Question and Answer Period: There was discussion about Styrofoam dock pieces and creosote logs on the Common property beaches. Update on the idea of developing a community garden on the Water Company property near well 1 & 2. This project has been tabled due to the area's proximity to the nearby wetland.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Wintermantel, Secretary

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