Holiday Hideaway Association Annual Meeting Minutes 20040417

April 17, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 pm in the Guemes Island Community Church Hall. Those present were board members: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Zobra Wambleska Anne Casperson, and Bob Niles, Treasurer Barbara Larson, and Secretary Susan Wintermantel. Board member, Hal Forsey was absent. There were approximately 50-60 Association members in attendance.

The minutes of the meeting of May 24, 2003 were read and approved. The treasurer reported a balance of $1,393, not counting today's receipts. The expenses incurred during the Acquisition of GIWC were $4,512 for Engineering and Consulting, $8,655 in Legal Fees, and $1,250 for an Accountants Review for a total of $14,417.50


Beautification: Bob Niles talked briefly about being good neighbors and considering how our storage, building, and actions affect the community as a whole.

Betty Crookes requested permission to restore her view, which led into a discussion of view enhancement and the upkeep on the 3 common areas owned by the homeowners association. Sharon requested that the work group develop a long-term plan and bring it to the board. Charlie Schuck, who has been heading up a work crew at the Long Beach trail, told what they have been doing and their general goals. There were many concerns voiced by those in attendance included avoiding erosion in wet areas, leaving the fir trees, consulting with an arborist or forester, not having much money to spend on this, and moving along to restore Betty's view without further delay. Sharon reminded everyone that if we have noxious weeds on our property we should remove them.

Zobra shared the plans of the Mooring and Dinghy committee. To clean up the beach and deal with abandoned small boats on the two community beaches the committee has a plan to sell a $10 sticker to identify the dinghies. There will be a mailing and some time to get stickers. Generally, the plan is to move dinghies without stickers to an area further away from the beach and eventually they could be removed completely. There was an objection to paying a fee to keep a boat on an area that the homeowners already own. There was much discussion by the group. Richard Scappini moved that we pay a $10 annual fee for boats left on the beach. It was seconded and passed. Bruce Saunders suggested that an enforcement plan is still needed. The dinghy committee and the board was authorized to work on that.

Mark Spahr made a presentation about the water system and the first 6 weeks of operation as an association owned system. Mark's written report is available to anyone who would like it. The high points were work that has been accomplished and goals for the near future. There are opportunities for those who would like to volunteer to help with the water system.

Nominations for Board: Bob Niles and Zobra Wambleska are willing to serve another term on the board. Sharon asked if there were any nominations from the floor. Hearing none, Anne Jackets moved that we accept their nominations by acclamation.

The Summer Potluck is scheduled for the August 21.

Submitted by Susan Wintermantel, Secretary

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