Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20050306

H2 Water Status Report

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Anne Casperson, Bob Niles, Darlene Rainwater, Sec. Susan Wintermantel, Treas. Mike Jackets, H2 Water manager, Mark Spahr, and Cecilia Spahr; Jim Jalbert made a presentation later in the meeting.

Mark distributed his agenda for the Water system report. Highlights of his report follow. As Mark's e-mail reported, the contamination of Well 1 has been corrected. After major work by TSI the Control System for the wells has been substantially rebuilt and the faulty electrical line has been replaced and finally the control system is reliable. However, the Computer at the Control System which logs all data is currently not working and this has caused the loss of data needed to manage the water system. Mark recommends having someone write a simpler data capture program and will have Hal Forsey look at the computer when he returns.

Hubert Adams delivered gravel for the drive down to Wells 3 & 4 which is a big improvement. The Financial Status for H2 Water was included in Mark's hand-out. With the exception of the non-routine expenses for work on the Control System, work done on Well 1, and extra operational time because of those situations, the financial picture is approximately as predicted when HHA took on the system a year ago. There is already enough money put aside for the annual payment of the state loan as well as additional savings. After hearing Mark's report of the rundown condition of Well 1 Pumphouse the Board overwhelmingly agreed to go ahead with replacement of the Pumphouse at an estimated cost of $7,000. There was discussion of availability of contractors to build a 12 x 12 building, required specs, and possible changes in use of the building in the future. Use of volunteer labor was mentioned, but it was decided to use a contractor.

Mark met with our CPA in preparation for filing income taxes. He suggested forming a 3 person Audit Committee. Anne Casperson and Mike Jackets volunteered to be on the Audit Committee to look at the records of H2 Water. At the Annual Meeting a third person will be recruited.

It was decided to plan the HHA Annual Meeting for April 23 providing the notices of dues assessment and announcement of the meeting can be sent out one month ahead. Mark wants to flush the mains the weekend before, on April 16. Mark also plans to use a small amount of chlorine during the summer to try to avoid the contamination problem that troubled the system this year. Mark mentioned again that he would like to develop a volunteer group that works with him and have the experience and knowledge to keep the system going when he is out of town.

Jim Jalbert arrived and addressed the board concerning his wish to cut a small group of alder trees on HH Association property between his property and Cooks Cove. He showed photos of the proposal and after some discussion, it was decided that he would put ribbons on the affected trees and board members would stop by to look at the project. Jim has talked to Richard Houghton and they propose planting vine maples as replacements. Jim also agreed to visit with Betty Crookes and to help make a similar presentation about the trees that have grown up and are now blocking her view.

Anne Casperson mentioned that her husband, Gary has put a label on his new dinghy so that it is easily identified. It was decided that if all small boats were clearly labeled that would make it possible to clean-up abandoned dinghies. It was decided by the board to include this "labeling" announcement in the annual meeting notice.

The next order of business was to determine which positions were open for re-election and get nominations. It was determined that:

Hal Forsey 1 yr remaining

Anne Casperson 1 yr remaining

Bob Niles 2 yrs remaining

Darlene Rainwater up for re-election

Sharon Schlittenhard up for re-election

Both Darlene and Sharon are willing to run again. There will be opportunity for nominations from the membership.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Secretary, Susan Wintermantel

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