Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20060319

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Members present: Pres Sharon Schlittenhard, Anne Casperson, Darlene Rainwater, Hal Forsey, Treas. Mike Jackets, Sec. Susan Wintermantel and Water Manager, Mark Spahr. Others present were Ron Knowles and Martin Shetter.

Mark Spahr and Ron Knowles both gave short reports of a situation regarding the Knowles's January water bill. After questions and discussion it was suggested that the water company make a $22 adjustment to the bill. The letter from the Knowles and Mark's written Discussion of Proposed Leak Adjustment Policy are available for review.

Martin Shetter presented a proposal for calculating "latecomer fees" for the Saddlebag/Evergreen water main extension. It was the general consensus that Martin's formula appears fair and addresses the specific situation for that extension. The board unanimously accepted his proposal.

Mike Jackets and Anne Casperson reported on their meeting with Attorney Jim Anderson. They discussed the suggestion by Warren Walz, the H2 Water Co accountant, of forming two separate corporations for the Holiday Hideaway Association and the H2Water System. The HHA board hopes to keep things as simple as possible. Attorney Anderson needs to study the documents and meet with Mr. Walz. He hopes to get an answer to us within 2 weeks. He suggested that the by-laws will need some minor changes so that they reflect the current situation.

Mark Spahr presented his report on possible Water Treatment and Mitigation Methods for Iron, Manganese and Sulfur. It outlines 6 possible methods with pros and cons of each method. Then it includes further cost projections for two of the methods. The extensive report is available on request. The board reviewed the report and discussed the options. The cost is substantial and it appears that pursuing water treatment could delay the replacement of infrastructure.

A proposal was made to ask HHA members at the annual meeting whether they valued improved infrastructure (replacement of the oldest galvanized fittings in the system) vs. water treatment. Anne Casperson suggested that no vote be taken at the annual meeting. She feels that members need to know that treatment has been looked at and is being considered. However, it seemed to be the consensus of the board that improvement of infrastructure is a higher priority. There was discussion about the challenges involved in doing this work on the water line.

Mark requested help with the Spring Newsletter (H2Waterspout) which will include the annual Consumer Confidence Report.

The spring flushing of the water system will be on Sat, April 22. The following week Mark plans to have revisions done to Tank 2 to allow it to fill at the top and empty from the bottom to improve the circulation of water in the storage tank.

The trees that were cut on community property between Betty Crookes' home and Long Bay will be available to whoever is ambitious enough to remove the wood. There is still much clean-up to be done by Gilbertsons and Crookes.

An agenda was set for the Annual Spring meeting. Hal Forsey is willing to run again for the board. Anne Casperson said that she would prefer not to be on the ballot for a board position this year.

It was decided to have another Board meeting after Attorney, Jim Anderson gives us his suggestions about our legal structure. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Wintermantel, Secretary

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