Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20060226

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Members present: Sharon Schlittenhard, Darlene Rainwater, Anne Casperson, Treas. Mike Jackets, Sec, Susan Wintermantel. Also present was Roz Glasser.

Roz brought the final draft of the Vegetation Handout. It was decided to include it in the mailing of the notice for the Spring Annual Meeting.

There was a long discussion of the possibility of forming a separate legal entity for the H2 Water Company. The accountant seems to think that it's necessary. Sharon reminded everyone that Paul Taylor, (the attorney retained during the negotiations between the Guemes Island Water company and the homeowners association) advised the board to "keep it simple."

Because we need to resolve this issue, it was decided to see an attorney and ask three questions:

1. Do we need a separate identity/corporation?

2. Do we need a separate board?

3. Members vs. Non-members? How are board members recruited?

The board spent some time reviewing copies of the Articles of Incorporation of Holiday Hideaway Country Club (which was changed to Association in 1996) and the Bylaws of Holiday Hideaway Association. One question was how to increase the number of people on the Board. Section 4.1 of the Bylaws refers to a "Board of Directors, consisting of three persons," and later it says that "The Board of Directors, by amendment of these Bylaws, may increase or decrease the number of directors.......

There was some discussion about the agenda for the Spring Annual Meeting. It was decided that it would be acceptable to tell the members that, "We are in the process" of reviewing the Bylaws. The other agenda items are a Water Company update and review of the Tree Cutting proposal suggested by Annie Magnano, arborist. It was proposed that it's worth reminding everyone to keep their property neat and attractive. Board members up for election this year are Anne Casperson and Hal Forsey.

Mike Jackets, treasurer, discussed whether the dues are for each lot or for each parcel. It was decided to charge $10/parcel. The board decided to meet on Wednesday, March 8 to discuss the bylaws and covenants, and articles of incorporation before the meeting with the attorney.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Wintermantel

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