Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20070218

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Members present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Treasurer, Mike Jackets, Hal Forsey, Anne Casperson, Susan Wintermantel, Secretary. Bob Niles and David McKibben were absent. Mary and Clay Wallace also attended.

Clay and Mary Wallace presented a detailed explanation and graphics of their requested easement for a buried power line across the south-east edge of the water tank property. They have talked to PSE representatives and state that PSE would prefer this option over bringing the power down Hideaway Lane. PSE representatives told them that the power pole at the end of Hideaway Lane is "maxed out" because of power going to Square Harbor Lane. In order to provide power down Hideaway Land PSE would have to reconfigure the power in the area. The requested easement option is a shorter distance for the Wallaces. PSE is requiring a buried line to go under the road and down to Wallace property. The Wallaces would own and maintain the easement. They stated that they would use a bonded and licensed contractor with rock cutters or impact hammer to make a 3 foot deep trench through the rock. They would not blast. They presented a draft of a possible easement language. Wallaces will cover any costs that are incurred.

The Board had been told previously that the Hideaway right of way was the preferred route since it could be used for other lots in the area. We will need to ask some questions about PSE's long term plan to provide power to the general area. Mike Jackets offered to speak to the PSE representative that has been working on the proposal to provide power to the Wallaces. After the meeting, Fred and Sue ran the property line east of the tanks.

The closest water tank appears to be 10 feet from the property line, but it could be slightly more or less than 10 feet. (The lot gets much narrower as you go away from the road.) This means that the rock hammer will be working right next to the water tank. And the equipment may need to use a little space on the next lot owned by Frank Wright. This lack of land between the tank and the property line was not something that we discussed while meeting with the Wallaces. No other action was taken by the board on this issue.

The next order of business was discussion of the proposed Agenda for the Annual meeting as well as the accompanying bill for dues. Mike and Hal will be working with the computer program to get it to compute the 6% interest proposed. There are a significant group of property owners who are behind in their dues. There is roughly $8,000 in the HHA account, in addition to the money lent and being held by the Water Company, and the dues that will come in this spring. We could hire someone to work on some of the trails in the commons areas or to do other projects. Other discussion included a possible second picnic table or some clean-up. The consensus was that the Commons area group should help make the decisions about what work had highest priority.

Discussing the pond led to the fact that there are still big pieces of Styrofoam and cement that blew over from the Port in Anacortes. Anne stated that we need to go in person to the Port Authority to get their attention.

The Commons Area group needs to have their summary of their work ready by early to mid-March so that it can be included in the Annual meeting mailing. There was some discussion about choosing a date for the summer picnic.

Mike brought up an idea to have a Community Garden near Samish Street on the edge of the Water Company property near well 1 and 2. Here is Mark Spahr's e-mailed comment on this idea: Regarding a community garden, I think that is a great idea for the community, it saves a lot of energy to grow food locally.  It would be nice to put the land to some "low impact" uses.  Yes, it goes without saying that the garden would need to be "organic", with no pesticides or herbicides.  Further, only well composted organic material should be used for soil conditioner and fertilizer.  Any compost pile should be beyond 100 feet of the well heads (which may severely limit a composting operation on the wellsite.  Further, any composting should not use animal waste.

Finally, the composting operation should be "downstream" of the wellheads, so any "leachate" will be carried away from the wells.  This would mean that any composting operation should be on the "wetland" side of the property (it is a safe bet that the ground water flows from the high ground towards the bay).

No motions or other action was taken on the last few issues. The meeting was adjourned. There will be one more meeting before the April 21st Annual meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Wintermantel, Secretary

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