Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20060108

Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting
H2 Water Proposed 2006 Budget and Manager's Report

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Members present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Anne Casperson, Bob Niles, Darlene Rainwater, Hal Forsey, Treas. Mike Jackets, Sec. Susan Wintermantel and Water Manager, Mark Spahr. Others homeowners present included Fred Wintermantel, Bill Rainwater, Monte Asken, and Roz Glasser.

Mark Spahr started by distributing his report, which is available on request. It starts with a proposed 2006 budget as well as the actual figures for 2005. Mark's document explains much of his report but some of the high points are as follows. Revenue was higher than expected and expenditures were lower (with the exception of higher electricity and more maintenance for controls, well seal, and water lines). The net bottom line was approx. $35,500 (much higher than expected). The water quality tested favorably during all of 2005 and the company made the annual payment for the state loan. The work on the well house for wells #1 and 2 is progressing. The project turned out to be a little more extensive so the cost so far has been $17,000 (est. cost was $12-15,000).

There continue to be certain familiar problems. For instance, the daily production statistics are complicated by occasional inaccuracies of one of the meters. Also recently during the water pilot test, is became obvious that the pump on well #3 has not been pumping consistently and will need to be replaced. (This is unexpected since submersible pumps usually last approx. 15 years and this one was reportedly replaced right before the change in ownership.)

The preliminary results from the water treatment pilot test showed that sulfur is an issue with Wells 1& 2. And Iron and Manganese are an issue in Wells 3& 4. Available options for improving smell and taste include the technology used in the pilot test as well as aeration. Mark plans to come up with summaries of the best options and cost estimates for the HHA Annual Meeting this spring. Then the members of the association can be involved in deciding whether to add such water treatment.

The construction of the new water line on Saddlebag Lane is progressing. The ductile iron line has been pressure tested and the bacteriological tests are ok. Mark put in more hours than he prefers this month, on many projects, but a large chunk was spent on realignment of the distribution system valves in the area just below the water tanks.
Mark presented a request from Clay Wallace for an easement across the lot with the water tanks for an electrical line. After some discussion, the board passed a motion to allow the easement with conditions that protect the interests of the association. Mr. Wallace would be responsible for all expenses plus a fee of $250.

In light of their excellent performance, the board decided to increase the salaries for Mark and our bookkeeper Darcy Daniels by 10% (5% per year for the previous 2 years) effective January 1.

The next order of business was a request from Monte Asken to cut a few trees on Association property in order to enhance and preserve his view. Monte plans to do the work himself and would clean up and chip the wood. There was much discussion of past policies, precedents that have been set, and how to proceed in this case. There was a suggestion of coming up with a "community property tree cutting policy" so that the board doesn't need to have the same discussion over and over.

Sharon moved that the board approve and follow the report by arborist, Ann Magnano, following the November "walk-through" of the area with the board. The motion was passed. It was decided that Monte would start by removing the smaller trees. Monte requested permission to eventually take down the two large maple trees near the beginning of Evergreen Lane. The board decided to delay decision on those two trees.
Fred Wintermantel presented a proposal to have the secretary and treasurer be voting members. He proposes to increase the size of the board from 5 to 7 voting members. Fred stressed that he feels very satisfied with the current board. However, he feels that a small board has potential to be volatile. He feels that a larger number would increase stability and make it more likely that over the years the board's actions would reflect the wishes of the entire Hideaway membership. It was agreed to put the suggestion on the agenda for the spring meeting. A change to the by-laws is probably necessary, and that will require presenting the proposal at one meeting and voting at the next meeting.

The board started the discussion about the April 22, 2006 annual spring meeting. The agenda needs to be ready for the mailing in March. Darlene plans to recruit for board positions and some work will need to be done on Fred's proposal.

Roz Glasser discussed the educational hand-out that she has prepared regarding vegetation and preventing noxious weeds. Many board members complimented Roz on her work and felt that it was helpful. It was moved and passed to insert it in the annual mailing for the spring meeting.

Mike Jackets has prepared a legal document to be recorded with the county to officially change the name of our neighborhood to Holiday Hideaway Association. This was previously done at the state level, but not with the county. The purpose is to have uniformity in the name on legal documents. The board members signed it.

Mike also reported that there is approximately $2,800 in outstanding dues. There are certain people who choose not to pay dues (and also not vote). A short search in the articles of incorporation for the Hideaway verified that charging interest is authorized. It was decided to charge interest on unpaid dues.

The next meeting will be Feb 26, 2006. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Wintermantel, Secretary.

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