Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20061206

Wednesday, December 6, 2006 at 3:00pm

The meeting was held at Guemes Island Community Church Fellowship Hall. Members present were President Sharon Schlittenhard, Treasurer Mike Jackets, Hal Forsey, Bob Niles, David McKibben, and Secretary Susan Wintermantel. Also present were H2 Water Manager, Mark Spahr, H2 Business Manager, Darcy Daniels, as well as Fred Wintermantel and Roz Glazer from the Commons Committee. Sharon announced the resignation of Darlene Rainwater and the willingness of Anne Casperson to fill in.
Mark Spahr distributed and discussed the following H2Water issues:

1. Consumption and Unaccounted Water. The data covered the last 2 years. On many months there is roughly 30% unaccounted. This works out to approx 3 gallons/minute leakage for the entire system. Even though this isn't much per mile of pipe, the percentage makes it important that the water company proceed with replacement of the oldest galvanized fittings. Adam Mimnaugh is planning to start replacing fittings soon.

2. Water Shares: H2Water Company has been reselling available water shares for the last 3 years. At this point there are only 1.5 shares left in the "available" pool. Mark asked if the Board wished to go back to the community to ask if any other owners are interested in selling their duplicate water shares. After some discussion of the options it was decided by consensus that it was the most reasonable action.

3. Power Easement on Reservoir Site: Is the Board willing to grant an easement to Wallace for a power line across the reservoir site? It was decided to deny the easement.

4. Sanitary Survey of H2 Water System: After the Aug. 2006 site visit by the Skagit County Public Health Department, they wrote that Mr. Spahr's management of the system is "very thorough and conscientious". They suggested five corrections that will be relatively easy to make.

5. Winter Newsletter: Mark asked for help with the newsletter. He plans to include articles about resale of water shares and also winterization of homes to avoid frozen water pipes. The recent cold snap gave good examples of the need to prepare homes for freezing weather.

6. Recent Improvements: Discussion was tabled in the interest of time.

7. Budget--- Preliminary Discussion: Do we want to buy a generator to enable us to provide water to "the upper loop" of homes? 15-20 homes served by the booster pumps are without water when the power is out. There was discussion of our responsibility to provide water to that area even during a power outage. Another issue is how much bigger generator would be required to run the submersible pumps in the wells? (this may be impractical at this time). Also availability of water for fire fighting during an electrical outage? No decisions were made about purchasing a generator. The entire budget will be discussed at the next meeting.

8. Water Quality: Mark showed a sample of sand cleaned out of a homeowner's water heater in the lower part of the community. He said that the small uniform size of the particles leads him to suspect sand is getting through the screens in one of the wells. This might explain the short life of some of our submersible well pumps. It was decided that working on leakage is our first priority at this time.Next business was the Report from the Commons Committee on Management Options for the parcels owned in common. This includes Cook's Cove, Long Bay, and the Deadman's Bay access. Fred Wintermantel and Roz Glasser introduced the document that their committee has produced. Other committee members who were unable to attend were Kirsten Harma, Bill Rainwater, and Chairman Bob Anderson. Hal Forsey also served on the committee. Their written report is available upon request.

The Board thanked the committee for their work. The consensus was that no one realized the extent of the codes that pertain to our common property. The Board accepted the report and discussed the use of the information. None of the specific options were chosen.

The proposal to leave Deadman's Bay access "as is" was accepted. David McKibben made a motion that we have a small "Holiday Hideaway Beach Access" sign made and posted. Motion carried. It was decided to continue to use the county "right-of-way" that is immediately east of our 20 ft access strip. Our strip has grown up to trees and brush, which makes a good screen. We plan to leave it that way as requested by the adjacent homeowners, Johnson and Donaldson. The stairs will need some minor work.

The Board discussed a possible scenario for homeowners who request view enhancement involving "common areas". First, the Board or HHA membership would vote to approve or disapprove any possible cutting. Then it would be the responsibility of the homeowner or homeowners to comply with the codes, pay for the consultants and maintain the area afterward. The financial burdens of the applicable state and county codes would be theirs.

There was some discussion about how to get this report information out to the community members. It was requested that the Commons Committee prepare a shorter summary to mail to members with the spring Notice of Annual Meeting. It was decided to post the entire report on Line Time if possible. It was mentioned that it is especially important to get this information to new property owners.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Wintermantel, Secretary

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