Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20041205


H2 Water Proposed Budget for 2005

Sunday, December 5, 2004

Members present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Anne Casperson, Bob Niles, Darlene Rainwater, Sec. Susan Wintermantel, Treas. Mike Jackets

Mark opened by distributing his proposed 2005 budget and going over line items, and explaining some of the most complex situations. The unreliability of the Control System has resulted in considerable extra operational time and expense in 2004. Getting it to work reliably is a high priority for the next year. The state loan payment was made on time and there are sufficient balances in the CD and Money Market account to allow a $4,000 payment to the Homeowners Association (partial reimbursement of loan to study acquisition of the water system).

There was some discussion of the H2 Water policy for extending water lines. It was decided to continue with the previously determined policy.

Holiday Hideaway Association business started with a discussion of dues. Mike reported that there is $2,200 in the bank account and an anticipated $4,000 payment from H2 Water. It was decided to have H2Water keep the $4,000 in a CD that could be available if H2Water needed it for unexpected expenses. The major expense coming up for HHA is $830 for insurance in March of 2005. It was decided to continue having the dues be $10/ aggregated lot.

After some general discussion the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Secretary, Susan Wintermantel

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