Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20031227

December 27, 2003

Members present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Zobra Wambleska, Hal Forsey, Anne Casperson, Sec. Susan Wintermantel, Treas. Barbara Larson.

President, Sharon Schlittenhard brought the box of records from the Guemes Island Water Company. She received the records from Larry Kirchner after signing the Purchase and Sales Agreement on Friday in Seattle. After a brief look at the GIWC balance sheets she feels that the HHA should be able to run the water system for less money so that we can pay back the association and meet expenses.

Sharon will deliver copies of the pertinent GIWC records to our attorney, Paul Taylor and our accountant, Warren Walz. The confidential nature of the records will be honored and copies will be destroyed after the review. The board decided to divide up their review of the records as follows:

Financial-Hal Forsey and Anne Casperson

Liability---Zobra Wambleska and Sharon Schlittenhard

Operations/ Facilities---Mark Spahr with Anne Casperson and Sharon Schlittenhard

The board went through the extensive list of possible GIWC records requested by our attorney, Paul Taylor. GIWC has provided a modest number of files and said they do not have the others. The most important goal of the review of GIWC records will be to assure that the water system can meet expenses and build up a reserve fund. A close look at income and expenses will give that information. Liability and possible financial risk will be assessed.

The goal will be to finish the review by the end of January and try to have the general Holiday Hideaway meeting in February. There needs to be a 30-day notice for the general meeting. The first step will be to get information on LineTime that the Purchase Agreement has been signed and that the review of the information provided has begun. Then the general HHA meeting will need to be planned and announced.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $3,827.53. This was followed by discussion of upcoming expenses for accounting and legal advice. After the closing we will probably need to borrow money for the first few months expenses.

There was a brief discussion about some clearing and well drilling on private property just outside the Hideaway. It was decided to talk to the owner as a first step.

Sharon will talk to Julie Golding to let her know that the board has missed her. She has experience and expertise that would be valuable during the review of GIWC records.

A tentative date of Saturday, January 10, was set for the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Susan Wintermantel.

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