Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20070121

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Members present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Hal Forsey, Treasurer- Mike Jackets, Anne Casperson, Bob Niles, David McKibben, Secretary- Susan Wintermantel, and Water System Manager- Mark Spahr

Mark Spahr reviewed the H2Water System financial picture for the last year and presented the proposed budget for 2007. It was a good year with revenue higher than expected; largely because of selling more water and water shares than expected. Expenses were slightly higher than expected but still allowed H2Water to put aside enough to go ahead with some needed capital improvements in 2007.

All available water shares have been sold. Letters were recently sent to property owners who own unused water shares. They were asked if they would like to offer their shares for sale. If more shares are offered, the Association will sell them on a first come, first served basis. However, if no additional shares are offered for sale, the Association is out of water shares. (For those who are unfamiliar with the system: In order to obtain water service from the Holiday Hideaway Water System, a property owner must own or purchase a 'water share'. The many "ready to serve" customers who own a water share but haven't hooked up a meter can hook up whenever they wish. However, there are also Holiday Hideaway property owners who don't own a 'water share.')

There was much discussion about the process required to increase the number of customers that the Dept of Ecology would allow. A rough estimate is that getting approval to use Well 5 (which has been drilled but is not in service) would be a 6-8 year process that could cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. It would be reasonable to pass that cost on to the 15-20 potential new customers. The consensus was that the board wishes to concentrate on our current obligations at this time rather than beginning this lengthy process.

Our 'water right' requires H2Water to build additional water storage for 100,000 gallons of water before 2017. Mark suggested that it would be a possibility to build two 50,000 gallon tanks, one near each of the well sites, which could have aeration to remove iron and manganese. Thus, they would serve two purposes, treatment as well as storage.
Capital improvements: First on the list is rebuilding 60 service connections (which serve 120 lots) in the oldest section of the system. The original galvanized pipe connection fittings are where leakage most often occurs. Adam Mimnaugh will be starting on this project as soon as the weather allows. Mark plans to do approximately one quarter of the system this year at an estimated cost of $24,000. The board expressed their approval and support of this plan.

A second proposal is the purchase of a generator capable of running one of our well pumps and doing the necessary electrical modifications. A movable generator could also run the upper booster pump. There followed some discussion of the details of generator size, required maintenance, and storage. Another possible improvement is the modification to the Booster Pump system so that there would be two small pumps that alternate, thus prolonging their lifetime. Mike Jackets suggested going ahead with this.

The 2007 budget is much the same as 2006 with small adjustments on taxes, water testing, electricity, etc. Mike Jackets suggested that Mark check on property taxes to see if aggregation of lots might bring down the assessed value. Anne suggested that we start preparing for the construction of the first storage/treatment tank.

The Board is concerned about communicating with realtors and property owners about the very limited number of water shares available and that they may be all out without any notice. Darcy will be getting the calls and can tell people that there are none available at this time and start a waiting list. We can tell people that the Dept of Ecology limits the amount of water available by limiting the number of customers. It was decided to send a letter to the local realtors. It was pointed out that it is the responsibility of the owner to verify water availability when they are offering their lot for sale.

Since the annual meeting is slated to be held on April 21 a decision needs to be made on the "parcels vs. lots" question. (The Articles of Incorporation state "one vote for each lot." The computer program used to record payment of HHA dues uses parcel numbers for identification. Since many owners have aggregated several lots into one parcel this means that HHA is not being consistent. At the 2006 annual meeting the proposal to change the by-laws to read "one vote per parcel" rather than "one vote per lot" under Voting Rights was tabled because of disagreement.) After much discussion about various options the board decided to tie the dues to the number of lots. But, since HHA treasury has sufficient reserves for its current needs, a motion was made by Anne Casperson to lower the dues to $5/lot this year. The motion was seconded and passed.

There is a heavy old boat at Cooks Cove that is completely destroyed by storms. David moved it out of the way. We could pay to have it taken away. There are some big pieces of foam (some that are fused to concrete) that washed into Cooks Cove from the Port. Kit Harma talked to someone who promised to pick up the foam. Anne asked David to notify the Port Authority to remind them.

The Commons Committee will be working on a summary of their report. It was suggested that we mention the report and summary in the "notice of Annual meeting" and then put it on LineTime and make paper copies available.

This year the Board positions up for election are Bob Niles and Susan Wintermantel. Susan is unable to continue as Secretary so we need to find one new board member.

The next meeting was scheduled for Sunday, February 18. Mr. Wallace will be attending to discuss his request for an easement across the storage tank property. We also need to decide on an agenda for the annual meeting. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by

Secretary, Susan Wintermantel

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