Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20031130

November 30, 2003 4pm

Members present: Pres. Sharon Schlittenhard, Zobra Wambleska, Hal Forsey, Anne Casperson, Sec. Susan Wintermantel, Treas. Barbara Larson, and Mark Spahr.

The meeting started with a discussion about an article in the December issue of Gueme’s Evening Star newspaper. The headline is Water Pipeline Grant Sought for Guemes. Skagit PUD applied for a grant to partially fund a “water system for part of Guemes Island.” It was decided that further information is needed to determine how this might affect the Hideaway.

Sharon Schlittenhard reported that basically everything the board had requested is in the revised purchase and sales agreement. However, Larry Kirchner verbally offered to add a guarantee of a minimum of 22 water shares during the last conference call with the HHA Board. That wordage needs to added to the Purchase and Sales Agreement.

Sharon asked if the draft P & S agreement, with proposed changes, could be approved by the board?

After more discussion Anne Casperson moved that: At the board’s discretion, Sharon Schlittenhard, as President of HHA, have signatory authority for the Purchase and Sales Agreement, contingent on the changes discussed and noted in the minutes. (guarantee of 22 water shares, and delivery of the payment for the loan from the state, prorated to include the months since the last payment.) If, for any reason the board finds the transfer unsatisfactory, Sharon would also have the signatory authority to terminate the agreement.

Mark suggested that the board ask our proposed accountant, Warren W. Walz, if he can do the review of the GIWC (Guemes Island Water Company) accounts and still keep his charges under $1,500. Sharon noted that our attorney, Paul Taylor, suggested that when the information arrives from GIWC the HHA board might divide up responsibilities so that not every board person will have to review each document.

Mark Spahr suggested that we need to ask the members of the HHA whether billing should continue to be once/month, or if it could be changed to bimonthly billing, which would save clerical expenses.

Minutes from the November 7 meeting were approved. Treasurer reported a balance of $4,402.53. The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Secretary, Susan Wintermantel

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