Holiday Hideaway Association Board Meeting Minutes 20080224

February 24, 2008

Present – Sharon Schlittenhard, Anne Casperson, Mike Jackets, Fred Wintermantel, Laura Saunders, Dave McKibben. Hal Forsey was absent.

Circulated a proposal from Mr. Buri for legal services for drafting revisions to the CCR’s and bylaws. The Board decided to discuss the need for rewriting these documents at the annual meeting, so that the eventual changes will not come as a surprise. For more transparency we also agreed that we need to post by laws articles and CCR’s on web site (Linetime). Sharon and Laura will draft a statement to go to the membership laying out the process for study and revision, and asks for input. The entire board will see this explanation before it goes out.

Laura wants a copy of the documents establishing the water company. Sharon, Fred and Mike will search their files, and find the discussions with Paul Taylor.

There was a general discussion of the water company records and where they are stored.

Water company budget

Reviewed salaries now being paid to Darcy and Mark and the meter readers. Mike proposed that salaries be increased since they have not been changed for two years. The Board discussed and approved new salary rates for the water company employees at the meeting, and these are on file with the secretary of the association, and can be provided upon written request

Issue exists in recruiting more younger meter readers. 135 active water users (meters to be read), and some additional readers needed. Takes about four hours once a month to read meters. We will discuss this at the annual meeting

Ann volunteered to read meters (once) to see what the job entails.

Sharon will write to the water company manager about 1) the position that fills in when he is gone, and ask him to propose a salary rate, and get an employee account established; 2) ask for a revised 2008 budget proposal to reflect the new salary rates, and 3) indicate that the Board does not agree with the conversion of meter readers from employees to independent contractors, and believes they need to be employees.
Sharon will communicate the increased salary rates effective March 1st to the water company employees.

General Water Company discussion:

Are there any capital expenditures anticipated in the future? Can we create more water shares if we don’t exhaust our acre feet of water allowance? What about standbys that haven’t hooked up? What can be estimated as their consumption? How will this affect the creation of new shares? Should the market be allowed to set the rate for water shares? We agreed that a long range plan for development of shares, and ultimate water storage capacity needs to be set out. The Board needs to educate itself: What was originally granted? How many hookups? How many lots?

Camper and flat bed on road; and creosote logs? Sharon asked about the cars --- was told that they would get to it when they can. Sharon is going to take it up with the county. The issue for the board is people blocking the county road, and a consequent safety issue.

A related issue was the logs near the new development that might have creosote on them. Dave going to look at the logs to determine if they are covered with creosote.

Critical Areas Ordinance report --- Bob Bailey and Fred want to wait until new critical areas ordinance is adopted by the County The Board agreed with this recommendation. Bob Bailey will revise report when new ordinance is adopted. Fred will get back to Bob saying that we will wait until final ordinance is available.

Water rates --- Mark’s proposal of graduated rates depending on intent with some latitude for errors and accidents. Board will confirm to Mark that we agree with his analysis and his proposed rates for excessive consumption. Sharon will confirm this to Mark, and ask that he be in touch with the customer who had the excessive use.

Agenda for annual meeting --- Remind people about cars parked in public roads and safety concerns and proposal for CCR’s and bylaws, and brief report on Commons Committee.

The next Board meeting is March 9 at 11 am at Library.

Laura Saunders

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