Holiday Hideaway Association Annual Meeting Agenda

April 23, 2005, 2 pm, Community Center


Reading of Minutes from last annual meeting-Susan Wintermantel

Treasurer’s Report – Mike Jackets

Old Business

Beautification Efforts

Mooring and Dingies

New Business

Holiday Hideaway Water Company Update-Mark Spahr

Common Area Policies RE: HHA-community owned areas

Call for nominees from floor and election of two board members

Summer Potluck

If you can’t attend the meeting, and wish to give your proxy to someone else, please fill in the form below and give to that person before the meeting. If you would like the Holiday Hideaway Association Board to vote your shares, please return to the address on the other side. It is very important that your vote be counted.


I (we) give our proxy:

To_________________________________________, to vote on any issues that come before the board at the annual meeting of April 23, 2005.

I (we) own __________ unaggregated lots in Holiday Hideaway.



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