Beaches, Boat Ramps, and Buoys

As property owners and members of the Hideaway Homeowners Association we are lucky to have access to three common property beaches: Cooks Cove, Long Bay, and Deadman's Cove.

Over the years there have been an increasing number of boats left unused and unidentifiable. During last year's big winter storm with the extremely high tide, there were many boats damaged and swept into the pond. Winter damage is common, but, this year it was even more severe. At April's HHA Annual meeting the membership decided that all boats left on our beaches must be identified with both the owners name and phone number. The two storage sheds must be removed. Aug 12, 2006 is the cut-off date to have this done. Any unidentified boats left after that date will be removed.

As a reminder: These three beaches are owned and maintained by the HHA for the use and enjoyment of its members and accompanied guests. The buoys are individually owned and maintained and are not in any way associated with the HHA. We welcome volunteer clean-up. It is our property, please help your neighbors keep it clean.

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